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FTV Perfumes are the newest work of art, a Beautiful


The perfume you wear plays an essential role in your everyday attire. More than your visual appearance, your fragrance tends to precede in adding further depth and context to your apparel and appearance simultaneously becoming an invitation for other people to indulge their senses in your style.

FTV Perfumes is our newest work of art, a beautiful amalgamation of style, leisure and elegance. FTV offers a variety of perfumes that go hand in hand with an individual's body chemistry and personality.

FTV Perfume can be the conclusive touch you need in your overall demeanour apart from all the effort you put into your body, hair, clothes, and makeup. Your FTV signature fragrance will clad your whole clothing together.



India can produce organic fragrant raw materials which have great demand in the world. Considering its close linkages with grass-root economics, it can reboot the Indian economy from the ground level.
The global fragrance & flavour industry is worth $24.10 Billion and India contributes approximately $500 million.
The fragrance market in India is anticipated to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.93%, reaching INR 139.44 Bn by 2024, from its 2019 value of INR 66.58 Bn.
Increasing consumer expenditure on premium and luxury fragrances due to the high disposable income, along with improving living standards, is driving the global fragrance market in the nation. Moreover, perfumes have emerged as an essential product driven by the growing trend of personal care, forming a part of pride and confidence.




To establish a label that supplies an exceptional degree of perfumes in the market with tremendous market potential through inventiveness, design and better technology.


To propose the nation's most distinctive originalities by designing a revolutionary brand of signature fragrances that matches the desideratum of contemporary India.


FTV Perfumes aims to expand & offer the finest range of fragrances along with innumerable prospects for our buyers and provide them with the prerogative of divine aroma.



Wide variety of products

FTV has an expansive range of fragrances for men and women that are flawless for any mood and preference.

Made with high-quality ingredients

FTV Perfumes are assembled with the top-notch grade ingredients that make our fragrances invincible when it comes to quality and essence.

Find your signature scent

FTV Perfumes can help you discover your distinctive scent, which is an articulation to the world that you are aware of your personality and encourages you to exemplify your uniqueness to the world.

Boost in confidence

Our exquisite range of beguiling yet audacious fragrances enables your morale to shoot through the roof.

A scent of remembrance

Sight and scent are two of the very foremost impressions somebody may have of you, but it will likely be the scent that leaves a lasting impression. FTV’s robust and classy range of perfumes helps you be the topic of discussion anywhere you go.

Long-lasting scent

FTV Perfumes help keep displeasing body odours at bay and make certain you smell reinvigorated throughout the day.

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